Making Design On The Egg

Egg Art

Marking Your Design On The Egg

Probably everyone starts by using rubber bands and a pencil to divide the egg into sections. This does work but takes quite a bit of time to get everything as even as possible.    Be sure that you never mark too dark with the pencil - on some eggs it will not want to erase. 

You need to use a flat rubber band, narrow ones will roll right off the egg, but you don't want the rubber band too wide either.  Experiment to see which size works best.  The rubber bands should all be about the same width and when marking, be sure that each line is drawn either to the left of the right of the rubber bands or your measurements will be off.

Start of by placing two rubber band on an egg lengthwise to divide the egg into quarters.  Try "eyeballing" the egg to get the rubber bands as evenly spaced as possible.   If your close to having the spacing even, where the rubber bands intersect at each end, is the center of the egg on each end. Mark these with a pencil. 

Now add a rubber band around the midsection of the egg.  With this rubber band you will try to find the center of the egg width-wise. Use a little tape measure, that can be purchased in a fabric store, to measure from one of the center spots you marked on each end of the egg.   (I like to use the metric side of the tape measure) Divide this number in half.  Using this number, measure down from a center and mark it with a pencil.  Now repeat this at each quarter section and mark.  Place the width-wise rubber bands on these markings.

Having fun yet?  Now, using the tape measure, go back and check the measurements of length-wise rubber bands that divide the egg into quarters at the point were the rubber band that is width-wise on the egg crosses them  The distance between the length-wise rubber bands should be as equal as possible.  If their not equal you need to keep adjusting and re-measuring them until they are a close as possible to being evenly spaced.  When you think that the rubber bands are dividing the egg as evenly as possible, mark your lines with a pencil.

Continue marking the egg with lines according to the egg you are making and where braid, decorations or cuts will be placed.   If I want a cut that is higher than center, I have used masking tape along my center line and then marked a line on the far side of the masking tape.  For smaller distances, use 1/4" quilter's tape found in sewing supply centers.  To make arched lines I've used anything from quarters to plastic cups or a compass.

Remember that eggs are not perfect!  There are times that the egg is not a perfect oval even if it isn't noticeable by the human eye.  If these eggs, you just do you best to line everything up.

Emu eggs - pencil can be very hard to see on emu eggs.  I have found that light colored gel pens work very well on emu eggs.  I use a damp Q-tip to remove the ink from the eggshell.

Marking eggs the easy way!
The eggart catalogs sell gizmo's that make marking eggs so much easier and faster (see picture below).  If you plan on making very many eggs, you should consider getting one