Crochet Cotton Summer Tote

Crochet Patterns

250 grams (approx.) main color of medium weight cotton yarn
250 grams(approx. in total) assorted colors of cotton yarn hook, Tapestry needle, 6mm medium weight cotton-type fabric for lining
Sewing thread
Lightweight cardboard cut 13" x 3"

GAUGE: 3 double crochet(worked with double strand of yarn)=1"

DIRECTIONS: For Sides (make 2)
ROW 1: Holding one strand each main color and alternate color yarn together-ch 45.
ROW 2: DC in 4th chain from hook. Continue across ROW in dc.
ROW 3: Ch 3(counts as first dc).Continue across ROW in dc. Continue same as for ROW 3 until piece measures 14". Knot ends and weave though as each alternate color is added.

ROW 1: Working with main color and alternate color yarn together-ch 15. Work dc in 4th chain from hook. Continue in dc across row.
ROW 2: ch 3(counts as first dc). Dc across to end of row. Repeat Row 2 until gusset measures 44" in length. Knot ends and weave through.

HANDLES: make 2
ROW 1: Ch 6. Dc in 4th chain from hook. Dc in remaining 2 ch.
ROW 2: Ch 3(counts a first dc). Dc to end of Row. Repeat Row 2 until handle measures 12" in length. Knot ends and weave through.

LINING: Cut the lining fabric as follows:
Two side pieces-each 16" square
One gussett piece-4"x44" (can be pieced, allow 1" in total for EACH joining seam).
To assemble lining: Sew gusset to sides in 1/2" seams, easing corners to fit. Stitch again for added strength. Trim seams. Turn under 1/2" on top raw edge and press.

Using a single strand of cotton yarn, sew gusset to sides of bag, easing gusset to fit at corners.
Hint- If sides have stretched slightly in width while working, take up a bit more on side pieces for seams when attaching to gusset to maintain square shape.
On top edge of bag-measure in 4" from each side edge (where side is sewn to gusset) and pin handle in position. Outer edge of handle is placed at 4" point. Place handles 1" below top edge of bag. Sew securely in place with cotton yarn.

Work one Row of sc around top edge and handles with on strand of main color yarn if desired. With wrong sides together, push lining into bag, easing to fit around top edge. Lining will be loose fitting so that it doesn't pull when bag is used.
With double thread, whipstitch lining to upper edge of bag, having pressed edge of lining just below upper edge of bag. Push cardboard into bottom to stabilize base of bag. If desired, cardboard can be covered with lining fabric before using.
Turn in edges of fabric (cut 1/2" bigger all around than cardboard) and glue to cardboard.