Free Hooded Scarf Crochet Pattern

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Designer's Comment: Hope you like it. This hood is very warm, even in the wind. -- Diane

6 - 2.5 oz. skeins Lion Brand Jiffy yarn (I use variegated)
H crochet hook

Ch 222.
Row 1: dc in 4th ch from hook and in each ch across (220 dc)
Row 2-11: dc in ea dc across, marking #80 and #142 stitches
Row 12: dc in ea dc to first marker, dtr in each dc to second marker, then dc in each rem st.. Fasten off. Turn.
Rnd 13: NOTE: work in front loop only for this round. Attach yarn in 1st dtr, ch 3, dc in each dtr across, turn, going around in the unused loops, dc in each dtr across, join with sl st in ch3.
Rnd14-29: ch 3 dc in a dc around, sl st in ch3 to join.
Rnd 30: ch 2, dc in next dc, (dec across next 2 st.) around. Join. Finish off.

Fold hood in half and whipstitch together, matching stitches, through all four thicknesses.

Cut 36-14" strands for fringe. Use three strands for each fringe. Fold in half, use overhand knot to attach to end of scarf in alternate rows. You will have 6 fringes on each end.