How to crochet

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We all lead such busy lives that sometimes it's hard to spend as much time as we'd like doing the things we love the most. But, when you have a passion for something, you can find many creative ways to spend more time doing it.

Here's a list of 50 ways (not to leave your lover-although perhaps that should be on the list!) but to find more time to crochet. Many are serious ways that I encourage you to try, and some are listed half in jest. I say "half" because I've atleast been tempted to try them all! I'll let you decide which ones might work for you....

1. Leave the dishes in the sink.

2. Take your crochet on buses, trains, and planes.

3. Crochet at red lights.

4 Crochet while you rock the baby.

5. Take your crochet to dentist and doctor appointments.

6. Crochet at work, or at least on lunch and breaks.

7. Keep a project in every room, you never know when you'll have a spare moment.

8. Let your husband do all the driving so you can crochet.

9. Take your kids to the park, then sit and crochet.

10. Send your kids to the park, then sit and crochet.

11. Send your kids on a very long trip, then sit and crochet.

12. Hire a maid.

13. Crochet in the checkout line.

14. Crochet at sporting events.

15. Crochet while you listen to books on tape.

16. Find a way to crochet for a living.

17. Learn to crochet with one hand.

18. Lock yourself in the bedroom and crochet.

19. Lock yourself in the bathroom and crochet.

20. Join the witness protection program.

21. Take your crochet to the beach.

22. Never put your work away, it takes too much time to get it all back out.

23. Stay off the computer.

24. OK, OK, crochet while you surf the net.

25. Keep a project by the phone.

26. Invest in a shoulder rest for the phone.

27. Invest in an answering machine.

28. Turn the ringer off on the phone.

29. Change your phone number and have the new one unlisted.

30. Disconnect the phone.

31. Get up extra early.

32. Stay up really late.

33. Stop making the beds, they just get messed up again anyway.

34. Crochet while your child reads to you.

35. Take a project to the beauty salon.

36. Buy paper plates.

37. Teach your kids to clean the house.

38. Teach your kids to crochet.

39. Teach your husband to crochet.

40. Spend one weekend (week?) (month?) and organize all of your crochet stuff.

41. Crochet while you ride your exercise bike.

42. Stop cooking, they'll learn how if they get hungry enough.

43. Cook once a week and eat leftovers.

44. Have dinner delivered.

45. Start crocheting as soon as you wake up, and don't stop.

46. Crochet during meetings and classes.

47. Keep a project in the car, in case you get hung up in traffic.

48. Do all your shopping online.

49. Crochet when you visit friends.

50. Teach all your friends to crochet.

All humor aside, please do make time for your passion, it's part of what makes life worth living. It may take a while (years in my case), but once your loved ones realize how important crochet is to you, they may even start helping you find more time to do it!