Lucky Penny Shamrock Crochet

Crochet Patterns


Small amount of green thread, size 10.Hook #7
Approx. 1 " from top to stem


Form starter loop, ch 6, (tr, ch 2) 7 times. Sl st to 4th ch of beg chain: 8 spokes. Break thread.


Rep for BACK but do NOT break.


With WRONG sides together, join Front to Back with a sc. In same space as joining sc, *[(Ch 2, 3 dc, 1 hdc), then in next spc (1 hdc, 3 dc, ch 2, sl st), sl st in next spc} [leaf made]. Rep from * two more times, except do NOT sl st in next spc at end of 3rd leaf. Insert penny.


3 sc in next spc, ch 8, draw up a loop in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, st from hook, yo and draw thru all 4 sts, sl st in next 4 chs, 3 sc in next sp, sl st to begin sc. Break and weave.


Lightly stiffen. Optional: Add embellishments: tiny bow, tiny heart, etc.