Cluster Rug Crochet

Crochet Patterns

5 skeins craft and rug yarn
J hook
Do 3 or 4 rows of one color, then change. I used 3 colors of yarn, but don't remember how many of skeins of each color. Sorry, it was just tooooooo long ago. Cluster = (yo, draw up 1 loop, yo and work off 2 loops on hook) 3 times, yo and pull through remaining 4 loops on hook, ch 1 (to lock)
Row 1: ch 6, join
Row 2: make 6 clusters in ring
Row 3: 2 clusters between each of the 6 clusters. You now have 12 clusters.
Row 4: 2 clusters between 2 clusters of Row 3, 1 cluster, repeat. Make sure 2 clusters always line up to make the hexagon.
Row 5: 2 clusters between the 2 clusters, then 1 cluster on each side of cluster.

Continue as in Row 5, adding one more cluster on each side of the 2 clusters, until it's the desired size, finish off. Add fringe.