Crocheting From Graphs

Crochet Patterns

Crocheting From Graphs

There are generally two different types of graphs used in

crochet, although they may look the same. One is for color

changes (usually done in sc, rows) and the other is for the

crochet technique call FILET CROCHET.

When using color-change graphs, each square represents one

stitch and the right side of the work is facing you.  All

ODD numbered rows are read from right to left and

EVEN numbered rows are read from left to right.  The only

exception to this, is for left-hand crocheters, when odd

rows are read left to right and even rows right to left, if

you wish the design to come out on the right side as it

appears on the graph.  When finishing a color change,

stitch, pull both ends tighter than normal to prevent a

hole, and make sure all ends remain on the

wrong side of your work

Reading FILET GRAPHS can be a bit challenging at first.  The

filled-in squares of the graph are called blocks, which

usually consist of three 'dc' worked into three separate

stitches or 'chs' of the previous row.  The non-colored

square is the mesh or openwork, which is a mixture of

'dc's' and 'ch' stitches, usually 'dc, ch 2, skip 2

sts or chs, dc' worked in the previous row.

Each technique can be fun to do and offer a nice change from

regular crochet.  Either one could be mastered with a

little patience and practice.