Stiffening and Blocking Crochet

Crochet Patterns

When it is time to stiffen and block your COTTON crochet piece,

a little extra time and care can make the

difference between a simple doily or a treasured masterpiece!.

If you are using a commercially prepared stiffener,

make sure you read and follow instructions carefully.

After soaking crochet piece in stiffener, wring out, then

blot excess stiffener on a soft cloth.

When forming an item into a 3-D shape, cover the

appropriate form with plastic wrap, before shaping

the saturated crochet piece on the form. For circular

pieces, try inflating a balloon to the desired size of the crochet piece.

If blocking an item where hard stiffening is not

desired, (such as a doily or tablecloth) use half-strength

stiffener by adding 50% water to prepared stiffener, pin the item in place,

and let dry thoroughly.

Sometimes, when excess stiffener was not blotted well enough,

white flakes will remain when the piece

is dry. These can usually removed with a stiff brush.

Paying special attention to stiffening and blocking

will reward you with a handmade heirloom!