Best Scents for Candles


What kinds of scents are best for candles?

Any type of oil-based scents can work in candles, but remember, experimentation is necessary with scents.
Some scents, especially some true essential oils smell differently, some smell terribly, when heated(or overheated). Try not to use scented oils that are added to a carrier base(scented massage oils, etc). These additional oils bring unnecessary additives to your wax and can affect the burning quality, although careful experimentation may bring an acceptable balance between good burning quality and an interesting candle appearance. Watch out, too much scent(too much of anything, really) can damage molds.
This is a long explanation on scents because scent can be the most expensive additive in candlemaking. For beginners, buy an inexpensive oil, like a home fragrance lamp ring oil. These oils are meant to be heated and can work well. Many oils not specifically made for Candle making may smell strong at first when the candle is newly made but slowly lose its scent. Scents specifically made for Candle making hold their scent over time the best.

  • Candle scents

  • Perfumes

  • oil-based Potpourri refreshers

  • lamp ring oils

  • essential oils

  • artificial oil-based scents

Keep your scented candles in a plastic bag or wrapper of some sort until used. Keeping candles unwrapped as a home fragrance is up to you but when it comes time to burn it won't smell as strong as it first did.