Make Container Candles


Follow directions for Work Area Preparation

Container Candle Setup


  • Appropriate Container

  • Wick tab

  • Wick rod

  • small weights

  • metal or paper core wicking (preferred, but regular wicking can do)


Tie one end of the wick to the wick rod. Attach a wick tab to the other end and suspend from the wick rod into the container.

Appropriate containers:

preferably a heat tolerant container (clay, glass, metal, etc). Generally, if can stand boiling water, it should be ok. Woods and plastics are generally not a good idea.

preferably a container with a wide mouth opening, no lip on the top, and slightly tapered (if the candle is to be removed)

To minimize wax shrinkage, warm your mold prior to pouring the wax. This can be done in a variety of ways, but be careful in not damaging the container. Heat the mold in the oven for a few minutes at about 130F, warm with running hot water or place in a pan of hot water.

Extra Materials
(for general candlemaking supplies needed for this project, see our Candlemaking Supplies Page)

Wax Formula recommendations:

To minimize wax shrinkage in container candles, use as soft a wax as possible(130 wax is good). In container candle making you don't need to add wax hardeners. To increase the ability of the wax to hold more oil (scent), add vybar at to 1 tsp per pound.

Pouring the candle

Melt any crystals separately over direct heat if using a double boiler and add to melted wax. If using direct heat, add crystals and wax and heat to 150-170F. Add color and scent right before you pour and mix well. Make sure additives are completely dissolved before pouring and do not overheat the wax.

Before pouring the whole candle, pour enough of your wax mixture onto the wick tab to secure it in place and let cool before pouring the entire candle.

If you splatter around the opening, just let the wax harden and peel it off later.

Make sure your wick is centered!

As the candle cools a well will form in the candle. Pierce the well with a dowel or skewer and refill until the well is gone. This is where much your time will be spent. Keep filling until the well is gone. Remember to make enough wax for these additional pours.

Variations in pouring temperature, additives, scent, color, and type of wax used will produce different results every time. Experiment to discover what you like. Remember, you can always melt the candle down and start over.