Mosaic Candles Making


Follow directions for Work Area Preparation and either Mold Setup:

Wax Paper Cups

Metal Molds

Our Watercolor MosaicsExtra Materials

(for general candlemaking supplies needed for this project,see our Candlemaking Supplies Page

shallow baking pans
unserrated knife

How to make chunks

Add a wax hardener (see additives page)for chunks that can hold its shape when melted candlewax is poured over it. Not adding a hardener will make chunks that may melt when poured over, but this can be a nice effect when chunks are overdyed a nice watercolor effect similar to the picture on the right.

Add color if desired. Use lots to overdye.

Heat wax until completely melted and all additives (if any) have dissolved.

Carefully pour wax into shallow baking pans and cut into squares (or any shape) when wax has suitably hardened. Pay attention to time and make sure the sheet has not completely hardened or you will not be able to slice through the sheet.

Making the chunk candle

Fill the prepared mold with the hardened wax chunks. Randomly fill, make a design, layer different colors, however way you like. Tap the mold to make the chunks settle well for a real chunky look, or pack lightly for a more subtle effect.

Wax preparation

  • to 1tsp/lb. translucent crystals

  • 145 wax

  • scent and color as desired

Melt crystals separately over direct heat if using a double boiler and add to melted wax. If using direct heat, add crystals and wax and heat to 200F. Add color and scent right before you pour and mix well. Make sure additives are completely dissolved before pouring and do not overheat the wax.

Pouring the candle

Pour wax over chunks into mold at 200F or at a higher temperature if you decide to melt the chunks. Carefully poke into the mold and away from the edges to release air pockets, and as the wax settles, keep filling the mold. (You won't see a well form as much with the chunks in the mold, but there will be air cavities).

The Finished Candle

Finish the bottom as described in the General Candlemaking Procedures.

Variations in pouring temperature, additives, scent, color, and type of wax used will produce different results every time. Experiment to discover what you like. Remember, you can always melt the candle down and start over.