Make Candle Molds


Plastic Mold Setup
(2-Piece Molds)


  • foil lined container in case your mold leaks.
  • mold
  • clamps and base stand -- for improvised materials, use binder clips and a bowl of sand
  • tape
  • appropriate wicking


If your candle has not been used before, cut a hole in the bottom of one half to pour into. Place the wick on the other half of the mold, taping it at the top and base. Secure the sides of the mold with your clamps. Position the mold in your mold stand or improvised base.

For more information on candlemaking using plastic molds, visit candlemaking using plastic molds project page.

Wax Paper Cup Setup


  • Wax Paper Cup
  • Small nail or dowel
  • Wick rod
  • Wick Sealer
  • appropriate wicking

I advise you place your mold in a box or container in case it leaks.

Recommended pouring temperature no more than 200F

I like Option 1 better than option two because it makes a smooth candle top, as opposed to the container candle method that will make the candle right side up in the cup. Option 1 looks better.


Option 1

Carefully pierce the center of the paper cup bottom with the small nail. String wick of appropriate size through the hole and into the cup. Secure at the top of the cup(the candle bottom) with the wick rod and at the bottom of the cup(the candle top) with the wick sealer, leaving enough wick for the candle top. Make wick and hole is completely covered with sealer or it will leak.

Option 2

same as container candle setup.

Just peel off the cup when the candle has cooled.

For projects using wax paper cups, try making chunk candles or recycling candles.

Metal Mold Setup


  • Metal Mold
  • Mold Screw
  • Wick rod
  • Wick Sealer
  • appropriate wicking


String wick of appropriate size through the hole at the base into the mold. Secure wick to wick rod at top of mold (candle bottom). At the mold base (candle top) screw wick screw into hole and cover entire wick (cut and leave enough for candle top) and hole with mold sealer. Make sure wick is strung tightly.

For projects using metal molds, try making mosaic candles or recycled candles.

Flexible Mold Setup


  • Mold
  • A container with a plastic lid to hold your mold
  • Wick rod
  • Wick Sealer
  • appropriate wicking
  • Darning needle


Thread the wick through the end of the mold using the darning needle. Insert the needle from the exterior and pull it through. Secure the wick to the wick rod across the mold opening. Pull it tight, but not too tight. Cut the wick and seal with your wick sealer. Don't forget to leave enough wick to burn the candle adequately.

Cut out a space the shape of the mold base into the lid or a piece of cardboard. This will help the candle from deforming while cooling.

A water bath is helpful, but not necessary.

Sand Candle Setup

  • sand, 10 or more pounds
  • metal bucket or tub
  • water to moisten
  • wire rod stand-in for wick
  • pliers
  • hot wax dip
  • cold water dip

Place sand in metal bucket or tub. Dampen a little with water and mix til dry spots disappear. Sand should be just moist enough to hold up the wax wall.

Spread the moistened sand around the tub evenly and pack it firmly with your hand.

What do you want your sand candle to look like? It should be well proportioned to burn well. Use a container as a mold or freeform a shape.