Candle Wicking


There are 4 basic types of wicking made specifically for candle making. Each usually come in different plys of small, medium, large, and extra large. The rule of thumb is 2 inches of diameter for each size (small for 1-2" diameter candles, medium for 2-4", etc). Beeswax candles need a slightly larger wick than paraffin.

Wicking will also determine how your candle will burn. To keep your candle wall intact while your candle burns(as in foliating candles), for example, you may want to use a smaller wick so the flame will not melt to the edge.
Flat braided wicking

Old fashioned flat braided wicks are good for non symmetrical candles and novelty candles, and tends to fold over and sometimes drown itself out.

Square braided wicking

Square braided wick is a general all purpose wick. It stands upright and burns evenly.

Core wicking

Core wicking comes in three varieties, two metal and one paper. Lead core wicking burns better and smokes less than zinc candles, and paper core wicking smokes more than metal core wicking. Core wicking is generally more expensive than noncore wicking and is best for container candles.