Northwoods Picnic Basket

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Northwoods Picnic Basket

3/4" Flat Reed
1/2" Flat Reed
3/8" Flat Reed
12" X 12" Square Hoop
2 12" Square Swing Handles (Oz)
5/8" Flat/Oval Reed
Seagrass Regular And Mini
11/64" Flat Reed
1 Stoneware Pottery Moose And Large Tree From Union Station Studio
Calico Lid Set From Union Station Studio

* Cut 16 Spokes At 38" Long From 3/4" Flat Reed.

* Cut 8 Fillers At 18" Long From 1/2" Flat Reed. Soak Them And Mark The Centers On The Rough Sides.

* Lay Out 7 Of The 3/4" Spokes Hoizontally In Front Of You With Rough Sides Up And Center Marks Lined Up 1" Apart.

* Weave In Starting At The Center Spoke A 3/4" Spoke OVER The Edge Spoke And Under The Center Spoke. Weave In A 1/2" Filler Next On Each Side Of The Center Spoke Lining Up Center Marks. Alternating 3/4" Spokes And 1/2" Fillers, Weave In The Rest Of The Spokes And Fillers. Push These Tightly Together. Adjust The Base To 11 1/2" Tall And 11 1/2" Wide.

* Fold Over The Ends Of The Fillers And Split Them To Spoke And Tuck Under 2nd Spoke Over From Edge. Trim Extra.

* Weave Sides As Follows:

***The Rim Is Used As A Mold To Assure The Shape Of The Basket. Check The Size And Shape Often And Make Sure It Fits***

* Three Rows Of Mini Seagrass (Uses 14')

* Three More Rows Of 1/2" Flat

* One Row Of 1/2" Flat And On This Row Weave On The Moose And Tree. Weave Them On The 7-Spoke Side, The Moose On The Third Spoke From The Right And The Tree On The 2nd Spoke From The Left.

* Three More Rows Of 1/2" Flat.

* Three More Rows Of Mini Seagrass.

* Five More Rows Of 1/2" Flat

* Cut And Tuck The Spokes.

* Insert The Handles On The 7-Spoke Side On The Third Spoke In From Each Side. (This Should Be A Cut Off Spoke). The Square Hoop Is The Inside Rim And The Handles Should Catch On The Bottom Of The Rim.

* Use 5/8" Flat/Oval Reed For The Outside Rim And Large Seagrass For Rim Filler. Over Lap Rim At Handles. Use Large Clips To Keep It Tight. Lash With 11/64" Flat Reed, "X" At Handles.

* Stain With Weaver's Stain And Tie On Calico Lid.