Christmas Drum Ornament

Free Basket Patterns

3/8" Flat Reed (Stakes)
3/8" Flat Reed/Hunter Color (1st Row & Rims)
1/4" Flat Reed/Wine Color (Weavers)
1/4" Flat Reed (Weavers)
#2 Round Reed (Twining)
#2 Round Reed/Hunter Color
#2 Seagrass (Rim Filler)
Cane For Lashing
Cut From 3/8" Flat Reed Natural 5 Stakes X 10" Each.

Using Your 5 Stakes, Twine Around A Round Base. Start Twining 3/4" From Center. Twine 5 Rows Or Until Base Is 2 3/4".
Upsett Stakes.

Sides: Over/Under Weave - Start/Stop Weave
1st Row: 3/8" Flat/Hunter
2nd Row: 1/4" Flat/Wine
3rd Row: 1/4" Flat/Natural
4th Row: 1/4" Flat/Wine
Under The Rim Row: 1/4" Flat (Or 1/4" Flat/Oval Reed)

Pack Tightly.
Cut And Tuck.
Rim With 3/8" Flat/Hunter Inside & Out. Use #2 Seagrass From Rim Filler.

Double Lash With Cane. Start Your Lasher On A Stake That Is Over The Wine Color On The 4th Row. Then Skip The Next Stake. You Will Lash Every Other Stake.

Detail The 1st Row If 3/8" Flat Reed/Hunter With Fake Lashing. Be Sure To Fake Lash The Same Stakes You Lashed On Your Rim.

Cut 10 Pieces Of #2 Round Reed/Hunter X 2 1/2" Each. May Need To Trim. Detail Drum With #2 Round Reed/Hunter. Tuck Ends Up Inside Rim And Behind Your 1st Row Of 3/8" Hunter. SEE Diagram.

Manicure Your Basket And Stain With Weaver's Stain. We Used Walnut To Give The Basket An Olde World Look.