Pitcher And Bowl Pattern

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Picture And Round Base Assembly
11/64" FO - Weavers And Lashing
#2R - Chase Weaving
7MM FF - Rim Row
1/2" FO - Rims
1/2" FF - Spokes
#6R - Rim Filler

Sand Wood Parts As Desired. Place A Drop Of Woodworkers Glue Into The Hole In The Base And Push Wooden Dowel Pin Into The Hole. Tap Pin Lightly To Seat. Put A Drop Of Glue Into The Hole At The Bottom Of The Pitcher And Apply A Small Amount Along The Bottom On Each Side Of The Hole. Place Pitcher Over Pin And Push Down. Tap Top Of Pitcher To Seat Against Base.

Cut 24 Spokes From 1/2" FF Each 6" Long. Dampen Spokes. Evenly Space The Spokes Around The Base. Chase Weave (Or Twine) With #2R Three Times Around The Base Keeping Spokes Flat. Continue To Chase Weave As You Gradually Upset The Spokes. End Off Your #2R When Your Spokes Are Standing Upright. Switch To 11/64" FO And Weave Approximately 9 Rows Of Start And Stop, And 1 Row 7MM FF (Rim Row). Pack Well. Cut And Tuck Spokes. Rim With 1/2" FO, #6R Between Rims, And Lash With 11/64" FO.


In The Picture Above Are Two Methods Of Finishing. Both Methods Are Completed After The Baskets Are Woven. The One On The Right Was Sprayed With Several Coats Of White Paint. If Hairs Rise On The Basket From The Paint, Simply Rub Lightly With A Piece Of Brown Paper Bag. Leave Plain, Stencil Or Paint Your Favorite Design.

The One On The Left Was Stenciled First, And Left To Dry For Several Days Before Overspraying With Weaver's Stain (I Used Oak). I Attached The Medium Size Basket Buckle Hearts Using Raffia On One, And White Twisted Paper On The Other.

Pitcher And Base Assembly And Medium Heart Basket Buckles Available At N.C. Basket Works