Fourth of July Wall Basket

Free Basket Patterns


12 x 19 D handle - sanded well
3/8 flat/flat reed - spokes
1/4 flat/oval reed - weavers (dyed red)
1/4 flat/oval reed - weavers (dyed blue)
1/4 flat/oval reed - weavers (natural)
#2 round reed - twine base
1/2 flat/oval - outer rim
1/2" flat/flat - inner rim
11/64 flat/oval - lashing
seagrass or #5 round reed - rim filler


17- 27 x 3/8 flat spokes

Mark all spokes at the center on the rough side. Mark the center of the handle.

Lay out seventeen 27 spokes horizontally aligning centers. Weave in the handle vertically beginning under. The center horizontal spokes goes over the handle.

True the base to (handle width approx. 1 1/8) x 12.

Twine once around the base with #2 round reed. Upsett spokes.

Rows 1-3: Over-under weave a row of red 1/4 flat/oval with the weaver outside of the handle. Weave next two rows alternating the first row. These are individual rows ending with a four spoke overlap.

Rows 4-6: Over-under weave 3 rows natural 1/4" flat/oval.
Rows 7-9: 3 rows red 1/4" flat/oval.
Rows 10-12: 3 rows natural 1/4" flat/oval
Rows 13-15: 3 rows red 1/4" flat/oval
Rows 16-18: 3 rows natural 1/4" flat/oval
Row 19: Beginning behind the 9th spoke from the left - weave 1/4" red to the right - around teh basket until the top of the second spoke on the left front. Weave a piece of 1/4" flat/oval navy beginning behind the first spoke on the left, right until it ends tucked between red weaver and tenth spoke from the left.
Row 20: Beginning behind the 8th spoke weave 1/4" red flat/oval right - around the basket and end on top of the first spoke to teh left on the front. Tuck a 1/4" f/o blue weaver between the handle and red weaver and weave to the right overlapping the red weaver and trimming eighth and ninth spokes from the left so that the blue rows apperar the same width. Please refer to photograph if this is confusing.

Row 21: repeat row 19
Row 22: repat row 20 - using natural instead of red 1/4" flat/oval
Row 23: repeat row 19 - using natural instead of red 1/4" flat/oval
Row 24: repeat row 20 - using natural instead of red 1/4" flat/oval"
Rows 25-39: follow pattern established until you have a field of blue flanked by seven stripes, beginning and ending in red. There should be 13 stripes in all on the flag.
Row 40: weave one row 1/4" flat/oval natural.

Cut and tuck spokes.

Rim: Form a rim with 1/2 flat/oval outer rim, 1/2 flat inner rim and #2 seagrass as rim filler. Lash with 1/4 flat/oval. x the lashing over the handles.

I stained my basket with ground walnut hull stain. After drying I sprayed on a coat of Krylon Acrylic clear to the basket body and smoothly sanded the handle. Then I painted 13 stars, centering the 7th or middle star on the top center of the handle, and spacing the others evenly down the sides. You could stencil then or wrap the handle, or leave it plain if you like.