Free Basket Patterns


Swing Basket Pattern

5/8" flat - spokes & fillers
1/2" flat - weavers, inside rim
1/4" flat/oval - color weavers
1/4" flat/oval - top row & lashing
1/2" flat/oval - outer rim
#2 seagrass
#2 round reed - twine base
10" x 9 1/2"  D handle (or taller)
1" x 4" x 1/8"  wood scrap, cording (swing)

4 - 24" x 5/8" flat - spokes
4 - 18" x 5/8" flat - filler spokes
9 - 21" x 5/8" flat - spokes

Mark center of handle and 21" & 24" spokes on rough side.  Mark center of 18" spokes on smooth side.

Lay out 9 21" spokes rough side up horizontally aligning centers.  Weave in handle vertically beginning under top spoke.  Weave 18" filler, smooth side up vertically on each side of handle. Alternate with 24" spokes, rough side up, repeat, until all spokes are woven into base.  Pack base to 6 1/2" vertical X 10" horizontal. There may be a small space between handle and filler spokes. The rest should pack tightly. Turn base over.

Tuck filler spokes into base under 3rd spoke. Turn base back over.  Twine once around.  Upsett spokes.

Row 1-3:  1/2" flat (weave first row outside handle spoke)
Row 4-12:  1/4" flat/oval color
Row 13:  1/4" flat/oval plain

Straighten spokes and  pack all rows beginning at bottom.  Cut and tuck.

Rim:  Form rim using 1/2" flat inner rim and 1/2" flat/oval outer rim.
Line with seagrass and lash with 1/4" flat/oval. "X" handles.
Swing:  Drill handle with 1/8" bit, 1 1/2" each side of center.  Drill seat holes the same width apart as the handle holes.  (1/2" in from each end of seat)  Thread beads onto "rope" to fill area between holes on handle. (3")  Pull ends of cord through handle holes. Adjust cord to length needed.  Feed through seat holes.  Try the doll in the swing for height.  Knot ends. Trim.

This would be perfect for teddy bear collectors, you could use any size D handle.  For a taller doll, use 10" x 12" D  or  10" x 14" D.

Munchkin Market Pattern


4” x 6.5” D handle - sanded well
3/8” flat/flat reed - spokes & inner rim
1/4” flat/flat reed - weavers
#2 round reed - twine base
#3 round reed - weavers
3/8” flat/oval - outer rim
11/64” flat/oval - lashing
seagrass or #5 round reed - rim filler


5 - 18” x 3/8” flat spokes
8 - 16” x 3/8” flat spokes

Mark all spokes at the center on the rough side. Mark the center of the handle.

Lay out the five 18” spokes horizontally aligning centers. Weave in the handle vertically beginning under. The center horizontal spokes goes over the handle. Weave in the 16” spokes alternating the weave. There will be four spokes woven vertically on each side of the handle.

True the base to 4” x 6”.

Twine once around the base with #2 round reed. Upsett spokes.

Rows 1-2: Over-under weave a row of 1/4” flat with the weaver outside of the handle. Weave another row alternating the first row. These are individual rows ending with a four spoke overlap.

Rows 3-5: Take a long piece of #3 round. Alternate the weave on row 2. Continue weaving for two more rows. Do not end weaver. These will not alternate with each other, but will lie right on top of each other.

Rows 6-8: Pass behind the first spoke and the one to the right, and weave a row alternating row 5.  Continue weaving for two more rows. Again these will fall right on top of each other.

Rows 9-11: repeat rows 6-8. Do not end weaver.

Rows 12-14: repeat rows 6-8. When you complete these rows, tuck weaver.

Rows 15-17: Weave three 1/4” flat rows, alternating the weave. These are individual rows and have a four spoke overlap. Cut & tuck.

Rim: Form a rim with 3/8” flat/oval outer rim, 3/8” flat inner rim and #2 seagrass or #5 round reed as rim filler. Lash with 11/64” flat/oval. “x” the lashing over the handles.


Peanut Basket Pattern

1/2"  Flat Reed - spokes, rims and weavers
1/4"  Flat Reed - weavers, lashing
#2 Seagrass - rim filler
#2 Round Reed - twining

Base:  4.5" x 9" overall, 4.5" x 4.5" separately

Cut:  20 - 22.5" x 1/2" Flat Reed spokes
8 - 11" x 1/2"  Flat Reed spokes

Mark the 22.5" spokes in the center on the rough side.  Mark the 11" filler spokes on the smooth side in the centers.

Weave two separate bases 4.5" x 4.5" as follows:

Lay out five 22.5" spokes rough side up horizontally aligning centers.  Space about 1/2" apart.  Weave one 22.5" vertically through the centers beginning under. 

Weave one 11" filler spoke vertically on each side of the center spoke, smooth side up.  Vertical spokes should be packed tightly together.  Weave one 22.5" spoke vertically on each side of the filler spokes, followed by two more fillers and ending with two 22.5" spokes.  True base to measure 4.5" x 4.5".  Mark inside of one of the bases with a "#1". 

Begin second base the same as the first.  Lay out 5 spokes horizontally, rough side up, aligning centers.  Weave a 22.5" spoke through the centers beginning over.

Weave filler spokes rough side up, vertically, one on each side of center vertical spoke.  Pack vertical spokes tightly together.  Continue to weave spokes and filler spokes alternately.  True base to 4.5" x 4.5".  Mark the inside of the second base with a "#2". 

Base #1:  Fold filler spokes to the outside and tuck under the center spoke.

Base #2:  Fold filler spokes to the inside and tuck under the center spoke.

Upsett the spokes on one filler-end side of each basket.  Clip the upsett spokes of basket #1 to those of #2.  Twine the base of the joined basket around the outer perimeter.  Upsett rest of stakes.

Rows 1-12:  Weave with 3/8" flat reed, one row at a time on each basket.  The pairs of spokes on the joined side of the basket will be treated as one.  You must have woven the bases as directed for the over/under weave of the sides to line up properly to weave the sides together as one.  The separating wall of the basket is woven with a double thickness this way.  Begin and end rows on sides other than the joining wall.  End with a four spoke overlap. 

Row 13:  Weave one row 1/4" flat reed in the same manner as previous rows. 

Cut and tuck each basket as one.  Do not cut the pairs of spokes as one spoke.  When you are doing the connecting wall, cut and tuck on ly the spokes to the basket you are working on.  Leave the other set of spokes standing until you cut and tuck that basket.

Insert NS4SQ handle into center handle spoke.  Using 1/2" Flat Reed, form your inner and outer rims.  There will be two inner rims and one outer.  Starting on one side of the inserted handle, lay the seagrass in between the rims, going once around each basket and ending on the other side of the handle.  This will cause a double row of seagrass on the connecting wall of the basket.  Lash with 1/4" flat reed, making an x over the handle spokes.

Country Basket Pattern


* 1/2" Flat (spokes)
* 1/4" Flat (lashing)
* #2 Round reed (twining)
* #2 Seagrass (rim)
* Raffia (bow and button)
* Small Beanpot handle


4 1/2" x 7 1/2"


Five 21 1/2" spokes out of 1/2" Flat reed
Nine 18 1/2" spokes out of 1/2" Flat reed

Mark spokes on the center on the rough side.

Lay out the five 21 1/2" spokes horizontally.  Over-under weave an 18 1/2" spoke vertically through center marks going over the center horizontal spoke.  Twine base with #2 Round reed one row.  Upset stakes.

Rows 1-4:
Over-under weave 1/2" Flat plain, each row separately.  Overlap weaver by four spokes to finish ends without tabs.
Rows 5-7:
1/4" Flat dyed
Row 8:
1/2" Flat plain
Row 9:
1/4" Flat plain

Pack, straighten spokes, cut and tuck.  Insert wire eyes under tucked spokes.  Using 1/2" Flat for inner and outer rims, #2 Seagrass to fill, and lash with 1/4" Flat.

Pinch handle onto eyes with pliers.

Tie a button onto basket with Raffia, centering it on a Raffia bow.

For a more closed base, lattice 1/4" Flat between spoke layers by forming X's.

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